"Electric Vehicles are Future Tech"

You couldn't be more wrong if you ever said or thought so, the first car to be ever made was Electric! Read More

What is Green Mobility and why is it Important?


Green Mobility is any kind of transportation that dose not have an adverse effect on the environment and human health. Green Mobility includes anything from talking a walk to driving an Electric Vehicle.

Well, why is it important?

Over the last few decades, major cities around the world have become “Gas chambers”. Cities like New Delhi and Beijing are traped under thick blanket of smog several months in a given year. This is posing a sever treat to the health of the citizens in these cities. Smog is made of different pollutants that mostly come from vehicular exhaust and construction activities. Exposure to smog over a long period of time will result in breathing problems, Heart diseases and increased risks of Cancer.

The Vehicular exhaust contains high levels of Green House Gasses(GHGs) that are directly linked to Global warming, which has became the treat of the 21st century. These GHGs like CO2 trap the sunlight that enters our atmosphere and dose not let it bonuses back in to outer space leading to the warming of our planet. So, the higher the amount of GHGs in the atmosphere, the more Sunlight stays back and the more our planet gets hot leading to Climate change.

These issues can be addressed to a great extent by making our transportation environmental friendly.

So, Go Green, literally!

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles(EVs) has became the buzz word in today’s Automobile Industry. But whats all the fuss about ? Let’s see.

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Ride sharing and Public Transport

If you are an urban dweller, not a single day goes by without you thinking, Drive ?……Traffic…. Pollution, psst….

The good news is, no matter what city you live in, you have decent alternatives to go around without the hassle of driving in hectic traffic and pollution and you get to contribute to the environment. The first option is using Public transportation. Many cities around the world have good enough infrastructure for people to travel around. This mode of transport is cheap, fast and saves you from driving in traffic. But if your city dose not a robust public transportation in place, you can still use the several Ride sharing apps that are available in the market. These are comparatively cheap and very convenient to use and reduce the amount of vehicular  emissions.


The good old Walking & Cycling

What’s there to tell here? Walk or Cycle – save money, save the planet and save your self from all the health problems that are caused by insufficient physical activity.

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